Sim: Jarey Tierney

Available for download by request, my tattoo model, Jared Tierney.




Bio: Jared dreams of making it big in the music industry, though his motivations may be more to do with the lifestyle than the art. Will he work hard enough to make a go of things, or will his talent be lost under all those potential distractions?

Gender: Male
Age: Young Adult
Traits: Absent-Minded / Party Animal / Flirty / Unlucky / Virtuoso
Sign: Pisces
Favourites: Indie* / Hamburger / Green
LTW: Rock Star

*If you have Fast Lane Stuff, Jared would love to be a Rockabilly fan.

Credits & CC:

Hair & makeup:

Jared is packaged with basegame hair and skin, but originally used M. Calero’s Strawberry skintone.

AlfredAskew’s Backswept Short Curly Hair Converted! by collin2
Stubble from Late Night
Eyebrows from HP’s Under Your Brows set (#1 from the pack).
REALipstick and cheek pores by Shyne
Piercings by necrodog – plug (right) and spiral (left) options.
Eyebags by Arisuka – Natural option.
Body hair by TummyZa
Simrealistic Eagle Tattoo, by me, and #7a (octopus girl, left-facing) and #9 (wings) from my Angelique Houtkamp Tattoo Pack (no longer available)

Eyes are defaults by escand.


jonha’s head + body sliders
Bella3lek4’s facial sliders

I use Awesomemod at 2x; there are alternatives available.


Everyday: Sweater (and pattern), jeans and shoes are all by Aikea-Guinea at club-crimsyn, without whom my sims would be nude.
Formal: Shirt and open jacket by Aikea; pants and shoes are, I believe, Late Night.
Athletic: shorts and shoes are basegame, top is Generations.
Sleepwear: briefs by Marcos_Edson
Swimwear: trunks and pattern are basegame.

Installation & Compatibility:

Extract the .sim file and place in your SavedSim folder.


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