New School Tattoo Pack

This pack contains twenty-one tattoos that are all (broadly) “new school” in design… though that is a pretty wide definition. Things that define new school artwork – in contrast to “old school” tattoos from the earlier half of the twentieth century – tend to include extremely bold, bright colours, with heavy and sometimes exaggerated outlines. Shapes are often bigger, brasher, and sometimes cartoonish, which I think makes the style very suitable for Sims conversions.

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Tougher Turkmens


I felt that EA’s default Akhal-Teke looked like a Welsh Section C show pony, so here are four alternatives that at least vaguely resemble Turkmen horses.

(clockwise) Orion.sim, Breeze.sim, Sky.sim, and Karim.sim. All four included in the .rar. Simply unzip and drop into your SavedSims folder.