New site updates + TS4 FAQ

Hey! I’ve returned to the land of having time to do fun things, after about eighteen solid months of health issues and other problems. So, new site (ta-da!) and updates to all my fandom, fic, and gaming stuff are in the works. I have new TS3 content uploaded, and I’m working on a world release (more on that soon!).

Also, people have been asking me over the past few months if I intend to convert my content for TS4. The answer to that is “yes… I think”.

I don’t play TS4, though I am looking into how to convert/remake tattoos for the game, so I’m hoping to have something up here fairly soon. Hopefully. It seems to be a fairly different process to TS3, so I doubt I’ll be able to reuse files. But, please bear with me.

If you have any suggestions, comments, tips, or anything else, drop me a comment!

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