“Heavens No! Hell Yes!”: Angels & Demons Tattoo Pack

23 tattoos of angels, devils and demons in a variety of styles, from black and grey to trad to new school pinups. Oh Jesus, can I borrow your crowbar?

This pack is based around a design that was originally requested… uh… a long time ago. A very long time ago, in fact, which is why I generally don’t take requests. However, after further crapshoots related to surgery and health issues, I’m finally back and more or less functioning again, and I wanted to celebrate by finishing off several half-done projects I had on my old external hard drive, so… ta-daaaa!



All but the couple of black and grey designs in this pack are either two- or three-channel recolorable (mostly three) and should look good at any size. Some of the pinup designs have quite heavily shaded alphas, while others are cleaner and maybe less “naturalistic”.

You can either download the full pack to pick and choose your favourites, or download the file marked “_MERGED” to get the whole pack in one file.

CAS pics and full nomenclature list:







1. analect_avengingangel  (single channel, recolorable alpha)
2. analect_devilgirl
3. analect_seatedangel_right
4. analect_devil_pinup_cartoon
5. analect_angel_pinup
6. analect_heavensnohellyes
7. analect_angel_openwings (single channel; best at slightly less than 100% opacity)
8. analect_angel_devil
9. analect_angel_melancholy
10. analect_halfofeach
11. analect_devil_pinup
12. analect_heavensnohellyes_SIMLISH
13. analect_angel_tall
14. analect_devilgirl
15. analect_devil_skull
16. analect_devil_angel
17. analect_angel_anime
18. analect_seatedangel_left
19. analect_devilpresley
20. analect_fallenangel
21. analect_angel_girl
22. analect_angel_sitting
23. analect_devil_bewbs





Skin is Navetsea’s Wild V2. All reference and source images used were taken from free tattoo flash sites; no infringement of original artists’ work intended, etc. etc., and no profit being made.

Credit also goes to Cmar for the Tattooinator, the lovely people at GIMP, to Asha, the maker of the Simlish font I used, and to CrayzeeBubbles @ MTS, whose original request sparked off the idea for this pack.