Default Replacement Skin Sliders

Replacement skintone sliders for the fantasy colours that came with Patch 1.38. Choose from desaturated or realistic versions. No more retina-searing brightness!

These sliders will not affect anything to do with non-default skins. In fact, let me just make it super-clear that these are just skin tone sliders, not actual skins. You’ll notice that I took preview screenshots in CAS using EA’s basegame skins, so please ignore the bland and boring textures, and just look at the colours.

Version 1: Desatured Default Replacements

Exactly what it says on the tin. All I did was just calm down the colours slightly. Full previews in the screenshots. The Aqua-Turquoise slider comes out rather greener than the vanilla version, but I felt that was an acceptable trade-off.

You can download all five desaturated default replacements (I didn’t do one for the greyscale slider… obviously!) and pick which ones you want to use, or you can download all five in one combined package, if you want to use them all.

MTS_analect-1321545-patch138_rainbow_DESATURATED_CAS MTS_analect-1321543-patch138_purple_DESATURATED_CAS MTS_analect-1321540-patch138_greenblue__DESATURATED_CAS MTS_analect-1321538-goldorange_138_DESATURATED_CAS MTS_analect-1321536-138aquaturquoise_DESATURATED_CAS
+ Download: combined .package – DESATURATED +

+ Download: separate .packages – DESATURATED +

Version 2: Realistic Default Replacements

If you would prefer not to have fantasy skin colours in your game at all, try these more naturalistic replacements. I tried to keep a good mix of tones going – warm, cool, pale, medium, dark, red, brown, yellow etc. – so there’s room for a lot of variety in-game. The only caveat is that I really struggled to replace the greyscale/monochrome slider – it seems to give a grey overlay to everything, and I couldn’t work out what was controlling that – so that replacement is a rather cool, dark tone.

Full previews of all the skintones are in the screenshots. Again, download all six and pick and choose, or download the combined package.

MTS_analect-1321544-patch138_rainbow_CAS MTS_analect-1321542-patch138_purple_CAS MTS_analect-1321541-patch138_greenblue_CAS MTS_analect-1321539-greyscale_138_CAS MTS_analect-1321537-goldorange_138_CAS MTS_analect-1321535-138aquaturquoise_CAS




Built and tested on patch 1.38, compatible through 1.67. You do not need the Supernatural EP for these to work.

Also obviously, these are default replacements. You can only have one replacement of each colour slider, though it is possible to make skin tone sliders non-default. I don’t have any plans to make non-default versions of these sliders, but you are quite welcome to convert them. There is a great tutorial here about skins, skintone sliders and colour ramps, by missy_harries.

Additional Credits:
CmarNYC for the Skininator and pointing out to me where the patch 1.38 slider files were hiding… because I am an idiot. XD

Also, missy_harries and bitterquill/katana_x for tutorials and inspiration.