Cephalopod Madness!: Octopus Tattoo Pack

Ever had the urge to smother your sims in cephalopods? Okay, so almost all the tattoos in this pack are octopus-themed with the occasional kraken. I skimped on the squid, was cavalier with the cuttlefish… you get the idea. Anyway, I’m celebrating my return to the land of the living and a new wave of projects with a bunch of tattoo packs, and this is one of the first.

There are 15 non-accessory tattoos in the download: pick and choose your favourites, or install the package labelled analect_octopus_ALL_MERGED for the complete set. (If you use the merged pack, obviously, you don’t need the other files.)

CAS screenshots (with labels):

cephalopodmadness_CAS_1 cephalopodmadness_CAS_2 cephalopodmadness_CAS_3 cephalopodmadness_CAS_4

These tattoos are three or two-channel recolorable, with the exception of 5, 6, 13, and 15, which are single-channel tattoos. The text on 5 and 6 is probably not going to be readable at any distance, but I still had to Simlish-ify it because… yes, nitpicky. If you apply the tattoo at the largest size, you can at least see the title part.

In-game screenshots (taken using cmar’s XCAS placement mod, of course):

cephalopodmadness_ingame cephalopodmadness_ingame2 cephalopodmadness_ingame3

Oliver’s hair is Newsea J149 Unchained, retex by shock and shame, and skin is Wild V2 by Navetsea.

All images used were found via free tattoo flash sites, or pictures of existing work. No copyright infringement intended and no profit being made, yadda yadda.


+ DOWNLOAD ALL TATTOOS:  analect_cephalopodmadness

+ DOWNLOAD MERGED TATTOOS (single package): analect_octopus_MERGED_ALL

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