About adf.ly links

I’ve added alternative links to some of my downloads. I know advertising is a cancerous polyp on the butt of the internet, but if you’re feeling generous, please consider clicking the adf.ly links: in return for you waiting a couple of seconds to get to the file, I get a teeny tiny advertising bonus. I could really use that right now, seeing as I have a whole round of physiotherapy coming up, and a lot of transport costs of offset.  If you prefer not to, non-adf.ly links are of course still available. Thanks!

Carver Bay: WIP World

An introduction to my ongoing world project, Carver Bay: a large world with a little bit of everything in it, from semi-urban to rural, lakeside to oceanfront, and featuring (most) EP & Premium Content gameplay, including a homeworld university and open restaurants.

Early screenshots of the crappy end of town:

oakglen_1 oceanview_1

The world is currently in building/early testing phases, but I’m really hoping to get it finished in the next month or two. If you’d like to help out by beta testing, please feel free to leave a comment here or PM me over at MTS (I’ll be setting a thread up in #create over there soon) – volunteers are *very* welcome!

More details, plus picspam, beneath the cut.

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New site updates + TS4 FAQ

Hey! I’ve returned to the land of having time to do fun things, after about eighteen solid months of health issues and other problems. So, new site (ta-da!) and updates to all my fandom, fic, and gaming stuff are in the works. I have new TS3 content uploaded, and I’m working on a world release (more on that soon!).

Also, people have been asking me over the past few months if I intend to convert my content for TS4. The answer to that is “yes… I think”.

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Dragon Age Tattoo Pack

For the DA fans! Or maybe anyone else who wants fantasy-themed / vaguely elven face tattoos.
There are two parts to this pack: 13 designs that are meant to be used as body tattoos, for vanilla EA tattoo placement, and 12 face tattoos that are designed for use with Cmar’s expanded tattoo placement mod.

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